Studio Policy

Welcome to all new and returning students and families! I know that your musical education will also assist in future education and career and am excited for this next year! 

Attendance + Makeups: Please be on time for your lesson, as tardiness results in lost instruction time. All teacher absences due to professional obligations, illness, or emergencies will be made up. Monies are not transferrable, though makeup lessons may possibly be scheduled by rearranging with another student through the My Music Staff Student Portal (contact Karah Huld for login info). It is the students' responsibility to check the Portal for available makeup slots. Makeup lessons are not guaranteed; a minimum of 48 hours notice is required to attempt a makeup lesson. Students may arrange makeup lessons up to three times per school year; makeup credits expire in 90 days. Non-emergency cancellations, last- minute cancellations including inclement weather or illness (within 48 hours) and “no-shows” may not be rescheduled or refunded. 

Communication: Communication within the Studio is highly valued. I will communicate via email, the private Studio Facebook Group (you can find me on Facebook as Elizabeth Nitkowski Morris and I will add you to the group), and an occasional text. Parents are also welcome to communicate in person at any time at the beginning of their student's lesson time. No logistical communication may happen at the end of the lesson, as that may interfere with another student's lesson time. 

Lesson Details: Private lessons are available for piano, keys, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, voice, and violin. Weekly private lessons include performance repertoire, music theory, scales, and technique. Quarterly group classes utilize a carefully constructed curriculum and take the place of the private lesson for that week as we study ear training, music history, music and culture, and incorporate applicable music technology. Each student’s curriculum is individually designed to suit his/her needs and bring maximum learning. Students are expected to have done their best to master assigned material each week and also to participate in appropriate festivals and performances as recommended by the teacher. 

Parent Participation: The study of music is rewarding and enjoyable, but it is also work! Parents are a very important part of the learning process. You will be working as the “home teacher” as you supervise daily practicing. You are welcome to attend lessons and audio/video recording of lessons is encouraged. Each student will progress only when the assigned material is sufficiently mastered, as lessons are progressive. 

Summer Lessons: Summer Session is during the months of July and August. Lessons are held on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Students are expected to attend a minimum of four summer lessons to hold their Fall lesson slot. 

Assistant Music Teachers: Due to an ever-increasing demand, Elizabeth’s Music Studio is now mentoring advanced students and other local musicians to teach music along the EMS vision! These Assistant Music Teachers (AMTs) are invited to participate by invitation only, follow a strategically developed training plan, and receive ongoing growth opportunities in both their teaching and performing. AMT’s students are encouraged to participate in all EMS events throughout the year and enjoy reduced tuition, while still maintaining the high level of established educational excellence. 

Tuition + Fees: Monthly tuition is averaged throughout the year based upon 42 annual lessons. The additional 10 weeks include Spring Break (1 week), Summer Break (between June and July, 2 weeks), Fall Break (between August and September, 2 weeks), Thanksgiving Break (1 week), Christmas Break (2 weeks), and Elizabeth’s personal vacation (dates vary, 2 weeks). Official holidays include New Year’s Day, Spring Break, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. There is an annual $25/student (or $40/family) recital fee, automatically deducted with March’s tuition. As of September 1st, 2019, tuition rates are as follows: 


Lesson Length | Monthly Tuition Rate

30 minutes | $120/month (Elizabeth Morris, Bob Hirtzel, Jake Rust, and Sierra Myers)

30 minutes | $100/month (Assistant Music Teachers)

45 minutes | $180/month

60 minutes | $240/month

It is my sincere desire that my teaching and your support at home will form an effective team! 


Elizabeth Morris 

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