Meet the Team

Elizabeth's Music Studio's Team

Since the beginning in 2008, Elizabeth's Music Studio has been continually growing. Our team now encompasses seasoned experts, such as professional independent music teachers, assistant music teachers, technical directors and producers, and office administrators.

Independent Music Teachers

Our Independent Music Teachers (IMTs) are professional musicians and teachers. Our independent teachers are passionate about their art, their work, and training the next generation of musicians. We love working together to create a strategic and encouraging platform for modern music education! 

Assistant Music Teachers

The Assistant Music Teachers program exists to train serious music students how to teach music to beginners, as well as an introduction to managing your own business. Assistant Music Teachers (AMTs) are trained in the methodologies of Elizabeth's Music Studio educational procedures and business practices, which have been developed and refined for over 20 years. These Assistant Music Teachers are serious music students, have been hand selected, are trained through observations and guided practicum, and receive ongoing training every month. As their students progress beyond a beginner level, these students transition into Elizabeth's Studio full time. 

Our Music Teachers are passionate about teaching, committed to their artistry, and look forward to getting to work with your beginning piano, guitar, and voice students! Email us to get started on your own musical journey today!


Independent Music Teachers and Office Staff


Jake Rust | Guitar and Bass | East Vancouver

Jake Rust has been around for 22 years and for half of those, he has been dedicating his time to perfecting the guitar. He uses it as a tool to express those inner emotions that transcend language and must be brought out through song. His tastes include many classics, like Jimi Hendrix, Pink Flloyd, The Doors, and Led Zeppelin. There are many other influences stretching far and wide. Jake is just happy to be playing, teaching, and doing what he loves. You can hear Jake's playing here! You can reach Jake at


Bob Hirtzel | Voice and Violin Teacher | East Vancouver

  Bob Hirtzel is an experienced music educator and vocal soloist. He has taught voice at all academic levels and performed the lead in numerous musical productions. Bob taught elementary music for many years in the Evergreen School District, conducted multiple youth choirs, and recently taught a vocal class for Journey Theater Arts Group. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Voice from Western Washington University, a Master's Degree in opera from the University of Southern California, and did doctoral work in choral conducting at The University of Texas, Austin. Bob grew up playing violin, played viola in the Western Washington String Orchestra, and has taught violin lessons to children and youth. Bob is a lifelong musician and enjoys all genres and styles. He loves teaching voice and helping singers develop a solid foundation for vocal production in whatever style they choose to sing. You can reach Bob at


Sierra Myers | Voice Teacher | East Vancouver

Sierra Myers is a 20 year old Clark Community College graduate. She currently is an Online Administrative Assistant for The Tummy Team physical therapy clinic and is the worship team coordinator for the youth group at Grace Church. She has been singing for 10 years being involved in many choirs, musicals, and worship teams. Sierra has always had a passion growing people in their vocal and worship abilities. She is super excited to continue the journey of challenging herself and others in music. You can hear Sierra's voice here! You can reach Sierra at


Karah Huld | Office Administrator

Karah has loved music her whole life.  She grew up in a musical family and has a huge passion for all music.  She enjoys a wide variety of musical genres from pop, country, contemporary Christian, oldies, and alternative.  She started her love for guitar at the age of 13.  Her very first guitar teacher was her dad.  She went on to study voice and guitar from Elizabeth, and continues to grow her musical passion.  Karah has decided to join Elizabeth's team in an administrative capacity to help grow the business and contribute her organizational expertise. You can reach Karah at


Nathan Alandt | Audio Engineer

Nathan is the resident audio engineer, bassist, and groove expert. Nathan began tinkering with A/V equipment at an early age; he has always been passionate about excellent audio quality. Nathan has years of technical audio experience, such as running audio for church camps, front of house at local churches, designing entire PA systems for large corporations, and running audio for several bands. Nathan owns quality audio equipment and enjoys mixing the best possible mix with the tools available to him. He is available for contractual hire for events and comes with all his own gear! You can reach Nathan at

Assistant Music Teachers


Alexa Peterson | Piano Teacher | Camas (Westridge Neighborhood)

Alexa lives in Camas, is 15 years old, and attends Union High School. She has been playing the piano for eight years now and loves it. She is hard working and committed to doing her best. Alexa took child psychology and has her STARS certification. She is kind and friendly and good with kids. She loves music, photography, and architecture. Alexa looks forward to working with your child and helping them to embrace music in their life. You can hear Alexa's playing here

Alexa is currently full.


Ashton Doane | Piano Teacher | Camas (Deer Creek Neighborhood)

Ashton Doane is 15 and going into his sophomore year at Camas High School. He has been involved in music since he was very little and plays three instruments. His favorite composers are Chopin and Liszt for their romanticism and showmanship. This year, he progressed so much in piano that he decided that he wanted to start teaching others so they could experience music as he does. You can hear Ashton's playing here!


Carter Bowlin | Piano Teacher | Washougal

Carter Bowlin is 16 years old and has been studying the piano  for almost two years now. He is a Junior at Washougal High School. He joined the Syllabus program this past Spring and is excited to teach others. He loves playing and listening to all sorts of composers, such as Liszt and Rachmaninov. Carter plays mostly from written sheet music but tries to compose or improvise every once in a while. He has had a blast learning about music and hopes to share the same enthusiasm with his students. You can hear Carter's playing here!

Carter is currently full.


Noah Morris | Piano Teacher | East Vancouver (Burnt Bridge Neighborhood)

Noah Morris is 14 years old and homeschooled. He has been playing the piano for 8 years, and is always trying to find something harder to play that he’s never seen before. When he’s not playing written music, Noah loves to write his own music or improvise the piano, but generally he does both at the same time. Noah loves sharing information he has with others as much as he can, and also loves learning about various subjects that interest him or about other people. He hopes he can pass on the gift of music to all his students. You can hear Noah's playing here!

Noah is currently full.


Ryen Howard | Piano Teacher | Camas (Fishers Landing)

Ryen Howard is a 15 year old sophomore at Camas High School. He first got into music by playing the clarinet in the Skyridge Middle School band. He moved into tenor sax the following year and began learning the piano going into high school. His first love is jazz, but he is loving studying classical music. His musical influences include saxophonists Sonny Rollins and Clifford Brown. Ryen is excited to teach music and experience music from a different perspective. You can hear Ryen's playing here!

Ryen is currently full.