​Elizabeth's Music Studio specializes in excellent private music lessons, including classes in piano, keys, modern voice, acoustic guitar, and music technology. These curriculum tracks have been developed and refined over Elizabeth's 20-year tenure of teaching.



​Curriculum Tracks

Piano Curriculum

Elizabeth accommodates each student's learning style, pace, and personal learning goals in order to help students reach their individual vision of success. Piano students use the Faber Piano Adventures (for kids and older teens/adults) as the core method, which carefully teaches the practical art of playing the piano while simultaneously developing excellent musicianship, including theory, sight reading, ear training, music history, note names, rhythms, and all major and minor scales.

As students transition into Intermediate and advanced study, they are introduced to a wide range of repertoire (including classical, pop, jazz, and electronic music). Students studying classical music use repertoire books edited by Keith Snell and have the option to participate in the Oregon Music Teachers Association Syllabus and earn Advanced Placement (AP) Music Theory college credit.

Acoustic Guitar + Bass Guitar Curriculum

Acoustic guitar and bass guitar students learn the art of playing by studying popular and contemporary repertoire. Using the Hal Leonard Guitar Method, students will learn note reading, rhythm, and musicality, as well as chord construction, chord progressions, and harmonic analysis.

Modern Voice Curriculum

Voice students study the art of popular contemporary singing. Using the techniques of Tim Carson from Vocal Artistry, students learn how to master the use of their different voice registers, breathe with proper support, and sing with confidence.

Integrated Music Technology

Music technology training is also available with live performance software (Nord Stage 3 and MainStage), audio sequencing and recording (GarageBand and Logic Pro X), and music notation (NoteflightSibelius, and Finale​). Technology is integrated into the curriculum when technology will assist the specific learning target.

Progressive Learning

Each student's curriculum is individually tailored to meet their needs, but these guidelines assist our instructors to help your student reach their personal goals! View and download the student progression charts below.

Student Progression Charts

Flow Chart - Guitar + Voice (pdf)


Flow Chart - Piano (pdf)